Week 6 Checkpoint

26 08 2009

This will be the reflection post or a checkpoint of what I have did for last few weeks…

Practical ability to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding.

I think I have successfully created a true digital presence for myself. By using the web 2.0 web tools like Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, will help me to get more involved in the unit or creating an awareness of my presence for my future employer or helping myself to understand more about the usefulness of the web 2.0 tools for my future career and the venture of my future cafe.

Having a blog which is mainly talking and sharing about companies using web 2.0, will help me to improve and enhanced my knowledge and on how they did it.

Manner and consistency of participation in weekly workshops activities and your contribution.

Although I am having regular posts on Enterprise 2.0 topics based on workshop activities, but there isn’t much reply or comments or feedbacks by the rest.

Maybe I didn’t put in enough effort in reading other’s blog post and giving feedback. So in order to keep in track with the future blog posting or checkpoint, I got to get myself more involved and put in more effort than now…

Ability to appraise Web2.0 strategies and solutions for organizational and personal success.

My main interest in taking this unit is totally because I wanted to gain more knowledge using web 2.0 and applying it on my cafe. Thru lots of research about the big companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, and more, using web 2.0 making a statement or simply an achievement in digital presence or telling the world what they are doing now which creating tons of awareness.

Learning for all the big companies ways of reaching out to millions using web 2.0.

Especially how Coca Cola reaching out to all using all the latest web 2.0 tools.

There is a video telling us why web 2.0, and briefly telling us how web 2.0 can change our life.

Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including people outside of QUT) using Web 2.0 tools and techniques.

I need to reach out to more people and community who uses web 2.0, have a syndicate with their RSS and I can know that’s their recent updates. Gaining the first hand information or news of what’s happening in the Web 2.0 today. Not just within QUT’s network, but with other people and communities like:

Try understanding how big companies use web 2.0 to change their company’s strategies.

Reading from their blogs, I can understand more how they do it.

A blog post by Dion Hinchcliffe sharing with us on “Does every organization need a Web 2.0 strategy?”


Sometimes I am also using facebook to raise questions and asking what my friends what they think about using blogs, twitter and facebook to have an simple survey on what the rest of the people think and contributing more ideas for my post.

Leadership via the ability to contribute to the structure and format of the workshop activities, and the smooth running of the online community.

I am not doing fantastically well on this section.

This is because I am not too involved in giving comments or feedbacks on other posts.

That’s why thru reading from the other member’s Week 6 Checkpoint post, now I roughly knows where I stand, and have to figure out solutions in solving it.

I really appreciate Dr Jason having the online survey, so we can sound out all our problems, which we are facing.

As for me I think my major problem is that I am still lacking the skills on blogging formal post for school as assignments. I will try my best in absorbing as much knowledge from the rest of the community members, and hoping to have a good score for this unit.

But I also have comments to add in for this section.

I think Brendan Read really have made a great effort in posting a post regarding, “Logo for Digital Orgs”.


This posts has made an attention to quite a number of members’ response or comments, which is great. I think in future we can have more post like this on the Enterprise 2.0 Community, which can get everyone involve.


Identify Further Examples of Companies Using Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 Principles in a Significant Way. (Part 1)

19 08 2009

Previously I have post comments regarding how big companies using twitter…

So after doing some online research, I found few more examples. Below will be one of the examples; One of the largest drink makers in the world exhaustive use of Web 2.0 keeps its brand in front of young eyes…

I will use the Wikinomics Business Models, Peering; Being Open; Sharing; Acting Global, to talk about the companies…


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Why Famous People Use Twitter?

17 08 2009

Why are they on Twitter…?

Who is on Twitter…?

There are tons of famous people on Twitter, from Movie Stars, TV Presenters, to Author and even the President Barack Obama…

Like President Barack Obama have been using twitter in his election campaign to keep his voters or supporters updated of his upcoming plans for United States of America. Stephen Fry and the rest of the rich, popular and famous people are also using twitter to either update their fans or supporters about their latest news or productions or records or etc. Twitter making it easier for this people as they always do not have enough time to post regularly on BLOGs like WordPress. But using mobile devices to update a 140 words of what they are doing now or updates, is a much more simpler way. And thats the way of Micro-Blogging, using Twitter.

President Barack Obama : 1,989,935 followers



“President Barack Obama’s online presence drove his campaign’s early fund-raising and his primary victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton. His campaign’s use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube proved that he was part of the Web 2.0 generation. In the run-up to November’s election, Senator Obama — or one of his staff members — typed more than 250 updates to his Twitter account at twitter.com/barackobama.”

<< http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/president-obama-abandons-twitter/ >>

This means Web 2.0 is widely used by everyone…

Examples of Famous People’s account,

-Stephen Fry: 713,042 followers


Read his Twitter feed at: http://twitter.com/stephenfry

Type of celebrity: Comedian, Actor, TV presenter, Wit

Typical Tweet: “600 people went to the theatre, not to to see Oliver but to compete in a paper & chocolate wrapper rustling competition. Others came to cough”

-Lance Armstrong: 1,739,623 followers



Cyclist, record breaking Tour De France Winner

“Got the Knaggs’ family/kids over here at the house. 6 kids ripping around. It’s madness! Luke and 5 girls. Ha! Have a good weekend everyone!”

-Britney Spears: 2,850,104 followers



“I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! –Britney”

-Rick Sanchez: 106,150 followers



American TV news anchor

“i twitter because i need as a journalist to get what viewers think and say. w/out them i’m just another talking head.they complete me, lol!”

-Shaquille O’Neill: 1,969,850 followers



Basketball player, Actor

“Anotha sleepless nite, n twitter land, aaaaaggggghhhhhhh, whyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Previously I have posted that big companies have twitter too, now is all the famous people following up the Web 2.0 generation to increase their fame, and even helping them to publicize themselves (instead of using magazines). Basically everyone is evolving to adapt to the new generation.

There is a link, which have an article wrote by Mike Harvey, Technology Correspondent.

Regarding the “Twitter to hit the big time with explosion in Microblogging”

“Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging and social media site, is about to change gears.”

<<  http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article5565696.ece >>

Do you think Twitter is useful or a waste of time?

17 08 2009


I think twitter can be a very useful…

As twitter is a micro-blogging using just 140 words to update your status or simply what u doing now.

Not just twittering on your computers, it can be on your 3G phones, which can update you every moment or subscribe twitter using SMS functions if you don’t have any 3G phones…

Twitter also allows you to upload tons of photos, which you can share it with your friends no matter where you are.

Why everyone is using twitter, and even the big companies?

Is not just updating your own personal status, but companies like Dell and Starbucks, update customers of the company deals and coupon codes:

Dell has created a number of Twitter profiles, each meant for different types of deals (e.g. DellOutlet posts recent refurbished Dell computer offers)

Starbucks posts new offers and also participates in threaded discussions of these offers with their Twitter-followers.

Companies like Ford and Samsung, even use twitter for posting company news

Ford posted the company internal news (the account seems abandoned).

Update: here are some cool Ford Twitter accounts you can check out:

Samsung has created a Twitter account dedicated to mobile phones and posts both the company (US department) and product news there.

<<Information gathered from http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2009/03/4-ways-companies-use-twitter-for-business.php >>

And now with the uprising twitter follower population, it maybe even bigger success than Facebook.

Now having twitter, I can have more creative ideas in advertising and promoting my future café.

“So what you think about twitter ? “

Some do think is a waste of time just like David Letterman…

Can Enterprise 2.0 Benefit Me in Future?

17 08 2009

I think my answer will be… YES…

I am always interested in starting up my own café in Singapore, with gaining more knowledge in this unit (Enterprise 2.0) and help me to promote it using IT. Few example like the writing on a Blog, Twitter or Facebook. Everyone is using all this Web 2.0 sites to market their business.

In the past people will always hire advertising companies and paying huge amount for it…

I am thinking why not doing everything by myself using the advance web 2.0 applications online to solve all this issues. Like starting up a blog about café, which I can collect information and thoughts of other’s comments as marketing research;

Currently there is blog using this strategy,

–        http://www.manisbakery.com/blogcafe/

–        http://howlerscoyotecafe.com/

They are promoting their food, events and having the customer surveying/comments right in their blog. This is a way, which can interact with customers and showing them what’s new in their café and what’s happening next. When they have special promotion or events or deals, they no need to give out brochures or pamphlet, customers can simply syndicate the RSS function, and read in their mail or RSS reader…

So that’s why I want to learn more about Enterprise 2.0 and enhance my skills in blogging, creating my branding & digital identity, and even building up my web presence.

Which is the better Online Streaming Site ?

4 08 2009

For the first time my lecturer, Dr Jason Watson, have let us tryout the first online streaming on different online applications.

Examples like,

–       www.stickam.com (two way audio / video, lots of lag)

–       www.ustream.com (one way audio / video, no chat)

–       www.blogtv.com (one way audio / video, co-host, chat)

–       www.talkshoe.com (audio only, difficult to access, 100+)

But I myself have will prefer blogtv, although there is only one way audio & video. Its because the we can use the chat function on the blogtv, which allow us to chat with our lecturer, Dr Jason Watson, and more importantly we can save up the chat log for further reference.

From below you can see where is the save button for the chat log. (the red circle)

Right in the Red Circle

Right in the Red Circle

Is there any better online streaming ?

New Beginning @ QUT

3 08 2009

I enrolled to Enterprise 2.0 is because I wanted to know more about social networking, love to know more about blogging. It’s a brand new unit, and we are the pioneers, hoping that we can contribute more to establish the community of Enterprise 2.0…

And that’s why, Dr Jason Watson set up a site (www.digitalorg.net) which allow the entire class to form up a community, using networking on each another’s blog, sharing everyone’s opinions, comments & discussions.

And that’s why I have set up my brand new blog.