Google Wave = “Best Personal Communication & Collaboration Tool” ?

20 10 2009

Google Wave is designed as the next generation of Internet Communication.


Below will be an overview video of Google Wave by Product managers, Stephanie and Greg explain many of the features of Google Wave. And do not be surprise that this amazing Wave is develop back in Google, Sydney, Australia

I personally felt that I will be amazing if it is exactly like what the video have demonstrated for  Google Wave. Is very interactive, and user friendly. And they have sync it with all their services like Google Talk, Docs, Scholar, Maps and more. 3rd Party apps also can be found on Google wave too, which they can create useful apps for Wave which can help the user to ease their everyday life. They have integrated Web & Enterprise 2.0 methodology into Wave.  Really hope Google Wave will launch to public as soon as possible. And i would really wish to use it for my future projects back in QUT.

This will be the wiki link which tells you all about Google Wave : <<Click to Read More>>

Google Wave: A Complete Guide

Blogs by September 29th, 2009| by Ben Parr

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Do you think that Google Wave = “Best Personal Communication & Collaboration Tool” ? Which is better ?




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22 10 2009

Cool man… lol… interesting…

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