Know More About Twitter with a Funny Video

21 10 2009

Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

This is a video showing some of the people have use Twitter and became a “Twitterholic“…

Twitterholic means that people twit their every single move, just like the video. Example like, “I Just Got Into Office”, “I am going to Toilet”, etc. And this twits I felt that is a bit too Twitterholic Overdose.

Twitter is a brand new way micro blogging which we can made it with good use, maybe just like marketing a business or more. Recently Twitter is partnering with Crushpad, a custom winemaking service in San Francisco, to produce the wine; a portion of the proceeds will go to Room to Read, a non-profit supporting reading programs and libraries in Asia and Africa. Reaching out everyone using the twitter.

<<Click here to read about the marketing using Twitter>>




9 responses

21 10 2009
Wesley Ho

This video is very interesting and get to know about twitter.

21 10 2009
Steve Aw Kah Lok

I find it funny and interesting too…

21 10 2009

Hilarious video about Twitter.
Quite an insight to this new Twitter lifestyle. All these Twits have no friends!
The idea of Twitter is a remarkable idea, however, they didn’t count on the intentions of each individual Twitt-ee. Some tweet about mundane daily things such as waking up, brushing teeth etc… Others tweet about interesting things that they’ve come across.
The idea is to make communication more accessible and people from any where to interact with each other based on their common interests.
I found the video rather entertaining. And it also reminds me of blogging when it later became a trend. Maybe Twitter will go that way… :p

23 10 2009
Steve Aw Kah Lok

Thats what i felt too some individual Twitt-ee could be a typical Twitterholic shown on the video… Hope that Twitterholic have more friends that actually cares about them…

21 10 2009

All this Twittering and Facebook applications are driving people away from work!
Don’t the people get it? Such information are gathered to profile an individual and such data can be sold to recruitment agencies and potential employers. Nice post! Hope it reaches out to people through ya blog and GET THEIR A** back to work again! Kudos!

23 10 2009
Steve Aw Kah Lok

I think those people wanted work prospect they should use Linkin instead.

22 10 2009
Adam Fisher

Very good. Now I really know about twitter. lol…

23 10 2009
Steve Aw Kah Lok

Thanks Hope u Like it…
And Adam do u have a blog url ?

23 10 2009

Twitter is probably more irritating than useful! Facebok ain’t that bad, cause you really get to keep in touch and sort of know what’s goin on in your friends’ lives…

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