Black Café

Black Café


A normal café will always provide a daily necessity for local coffee lovers, a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends. But we have to think out of the box and having more creative in starting up a café. And that’s how we going to start our very own café, Black Café. Black Café will be an awesome place for a cup of aromatic coffee or espresso to the finest collection of Coffee Martini Cocktails.

In order to build up its client base, Black Café will be using the latest generation to promote our café, having our personal café’s website, blog, facebook and twitter. This ways can help us to increase our personal branding online and saving advertising money too.

In the past people will always hire advertising companies and paying huge amount for it. We are thinking why not doing everything by ourselves using the advance web 2.0 applications online to solve all this issues. Like starting up a blog about café that we can collect information and thoughts of other’s comments as marketing research.

We can promote our café, coffee, martini cocktails, and having the customer surveying/comments right in their blog. This is a way, which can interact with customers and showing them what’s new in their café and what’s happening next.

When we have special promotion or events or deals, we no need to give out brochures or pamphlet, customers can simply syndicate the RSS function, and read in their mail or RSS reader.

We will also use some banners and fliers, utilize customer referrals and cross-promotions with other businesses in the community.


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