Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)

25 10 2009

Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)

Sramana Mitra has submitted this formula for the future: Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS).       (I have created a equation diagram for a better view of the formula)

4c = Content, Commerce, Community, Context

P = Personalization

VS = Vertical Search

Web 2.0 has been a nichy phenomenon with hundred and thousands of microcap efforts addressing one of the Cs, lately, Community being the most popular force, producing companies like MySpace, Facebook, Piczo, Xanga, and Flixster.

In Web 1.0, Commerce had been the driving force, that produced companies like Netflix,BlueNile, Amazon, and eBAY. It had also resulted in the Dotcom meltdown.

The same period that is seeing the surge of Web 2.0, has also seen a great deal of investment in Vertical Search, like Sidestep for Travel.

Personalization has remained limited to some unsatisfactory efforts by the MyYahoo team, their primary disadvantage being the lack of a starting Context. More recently, Netvibes has raised a lot of buzz, but also lacks the same organizing principle: Context.

In Web 3.0, I predict, we are going to start seeing roll-ups. We will see a trunk that emerges from the Context, be it film (Netflix), music (iTunes), cooking / food, working women, single parents, … and assembles the Web 3.0 formula that addresses the whole set of needs of a consumer in that Context.

I will make an example of what she means by Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS).

Now you got to imagine that,

  1. There is a pretty woman, dark skinned, dark haired, brown eyed. I have a distinct personal style, and only certain designers resonate with it (Context).
  2. She wants her personal David Jones which carries clothes by those designers, in my size (Commerce).
  3. She wants her personal Vogue magazine that covers articles about that Style, those Designers, and other emerging ones like them (Content).
  4. She wants to exchange notes with others of my size-shape-style-psychographic and discover what else looks good. She also wanted a recommendation system telling her what they’re buying (Community).
  5. There’s also some basic principles of what looks good based on skin tone, body shape, hair color, eye color and etc. She wants the search engine to be able to filter and match based on an algorithm that builds in this knowledge base (Personalization, Vertical Search).

Now, image the same for process as above for a short, fat man, who doesn’t really have a sense of what to wear. And he doesn’t have a wife or a girl-friend. Before Web 3.0, he could go to the personal shopper at David Jones.

With Web 3.0, the Internet will be his Personal Shopper.


The Road to Web 3.0

25 10 2009

Road to Web 3.0

Out of all the Internet buzzwords and jargon that have made the transition to the public consciousness, “Web 2.0” might be the best known. Even though a lot of people have heard about it, not many have any idea what Web 2.0 means. Some people claim that the term itself is nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to convince venture capitalists to invest millions of dollars into Web sites. It’s true that when Dale Dougherty of O’Reilly Media came up with the term, there was no clear definition. There wasn’t even any agreement about if there was a Web 1.0.

Some Examples of the Hottest Web 2.0 tools in the market:


Other people insist that Web 2.0 is a reality. In brief, the characteristics of Web 2.0 include:

  • The ability for visitors to make changes to Web pages: Amazon allows visitors to post product reviews. Using an online form, a visitor can add information to Amazon’s pages that future visitors will be able to read.
  • Using Web pages to link people to other users: Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are popular in part because they make it easy for users to find each other and keep in touch.
  • Fast and efficient ways to share content; Youtube is the perfect example. YouTube member can create a video and upload it to the site for others to watch in less than an hour.
  • New ways to get information: Today, Internet surfers can subscribe to a Web page’s Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and receive notifications of that Web page’s updates as long as they maintain an Internet connection.
  • Expanding access to the Internet beyond the computer: Many people access the Internet through devices like cell phones or video game consoles; before long, some experts expect that consumers will access the Internet through television sets and other devices.

Just think of Web 1.0 as a library. You can use it as a source of information, but you can’t contribute to or change the information in any way.

While Web 2.0 is more like a big group of friends and acquaintances, which you can still use it to receive information, also can contribute to the conversation and make it a richer experience.

There are still many people trying to get a grip on Web 2.0, others are already beginning to think about what comes next.

Some experts believe that the foundation for Web 3.0 will be application-programming interfaces (APIs). An API is an interface designed to allow developers to create applications that take advantage of a certain set of resources. Many Web 2.0 sites include APIs that give programmers access to the sites’ unique data and capabilities. For example, Facebook’s API allows developers to create programs that use Facebook as a staging ground for games, quizzes, product reviews and more.

One Web 2.0 trend that could help the development of Web 3.0 is the mashup. A mashup is the combination of two or more applications into a single application. For example, a developer might combine a program that lets users review restaurants with Google Maps. The new mashup application could show not only restaurant reviews, but also map them out so that the user could see the restaurants’ locations. Some Internet experts believe that creating mashups will be so easy in Web 3.0 that anyone will be able to do it.

What do you think about the rise of Web 3.0 ?

Rhett & Link, Building Internetainment by Vodcasting

21 10 2009

Some facebook fans have even wrote a song about facebook and post it on youtube…

They are Rhett and Link on the RhettandLink’s Channel on Youtube channel, and is totally free for people to subscribe to. <<To Subscribe Click Here>>

Not just on Youtube, they even have following Web 2.0 tools to keep their fans updated their latest creations,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • iTunes Podcast
  • MySpace
  • They will write on their blog and film a video for vodcasting about how their fans felt about the use of facebook or twitter or any recent famous web 2.0 tools around on web. By using the publicity of using Youtube which have bring their videos to everyone, showing them their passion and effort. Basically they get famous by using Vodcasting.

    They have their very own website too.


    Identify Further Examples of Companies Using Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 Principles in a Significant Way. (Part 3)

    6 10 2009

    This will be the Part 3 of a company, using web 2.0 to publicize their digital presence…


    TB2 logo

    Company Background:

    Timbuk2 has been especially influential in popularizing the messenger bag as an urban fashion accessory. It was founded in 1989 by a San Francisco bicycle messenger with an old sewing machine. The goal was to make a messenger bag rugged enough for real bicycle messengers, yet stylish enough to appeal to a broader market of young, hip urbanites as an alternative to the traditional two-strap day pack. Our catchy name, three-panel design, distinctive “swirl” logo, and the fact that we’re “Made In San Francisco” added to our cachet.


    Their Range of Bags are Built to Outlast You.

    Like rice and beans, they keep it simple when it comes to being pro-planet. they make durable bags that are tough as Hell and built to last. So while their competition is piling up in landfills, they stay on your back, hugging you for a lifetime. Tales of Timbuk2 bags outlasting jobs, lovers, pets, and train wrecks are not uncommon. These stories give them the confidence to guarantee their bags will last a lifetime.

    But they know sh*t happens. So if you find yourself in a place where you can’t possibly love your bag any more and you’ve simply had enough, we give you an out. They will take your bag off your hands and find it a new (loving) home through Timbuk2’s bag recycling program.

    Timbuk2 have been using the Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Flickr to publicize their products to the world.









    Identify Further Examples of Companies Using Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 Principles in a Significant Way. (Part 2)

    6 10 2009

    This will be the Part 2 of a company, using web 2.0 to publicize their digital presence…

    Warner Bros.


    Company Background:

    Warner Bros. Entertainment a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company; is a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of creative content and their related businesses, across all current and emerging media and platforms. The company stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, TV and home entertainment production and worldwide distribution to DVD, digital distribution, animation, comic books, licensing, international cinemas and broadcasting.

    The Warner Bros. Current Achievements,

    Name : Warner Brothers
    Type : Subsidiary of Time Warner
    Founded : Hollywood, California, USA (1918)
    Headquarters : Burbank, California, USA
    Key people : Barry M. Meyer, Chairman and CEO

    Alan F. Horn, President and COO

    Edward A. Romano, EVP and CFO

    Industry : Entertainment
    Products : Motion pictures, television programs revenue = $11.9 billion USD (2005)
    Operating income : $943 million USD (2005)

    Warner Bros. have been using the Facebook/ MySpace/ Twitter/ Youtube Channel to publicize to the younger generations. Letting them know what’s happening with Warner Bros., and updating their fans all the upcoming movies, tv-series, and more.


    Using the Facebook to show their Fans their new productions. That’s also inclusive with all the events and updates around the world. Showing what they are producing, movies to TV-series and much more. Example like they have been using Facebook to update their fans the latest TV-series airing timing and on which available channels, and even some of interesting commercial videos of their TV-series. They also use Facebook for recruiting purpose too.


    They also have a page for Warner Bros. Internships, they maintain a culture of creativity, professional growth, and community that attracts the world’s brightest stars. Leave a note on their wall to start a conversation about the fan’s career.



    Simply using 140 words to notify their followers what’s the latest news that is circulating in the world all about Warner Bros.


    Youtube Channel


    MySpace and the Warner Bros. Television Group Team Up for Launch of Sorority Forever, a New, Original Series From McG

    MySpace, the world’s premiere social network,and TheWB.com, today announced a content partnership to bring the new original digital series Sorority Forever – created by director/producer McG (Terminator Salvation, The O.C., Charlie’s Angels, We Are Marshall) and the producers of the hit Internet series Prom Queen– from TheWB.com  MySpaceTV…

    Read More of this Article Pls Click on the Link below: