Know More About Twitter with a Funny Video

21 10 2009

Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

This is a video showing some of the people have use Twitter and became a “Twitterholic“…

Twitterholic means that people twit their every single move, just like the video. Example like, “I Just Got Into Office”, “I am going to Toilet”, etc. And this twits I felt that is a bit too Twitterholic Overdose.

Twitter is a brand new way micro blogging which we can made it with good use, maybe just like marketing a business or more. Recently Twitter is partnering with Crushpad, a custom winemaking service in San Francisco, to produce the wine; a portion of the proceeds will go to Room to Read, a non-profit supporting reading programs and libraries in Asia and Africa. Reaching out everyone using the twitter.

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Why Famous People Use Twitter?

17 08 2009

Why are they on Twitter…?

Who is on Twitter…?

There are tons of famous people on Twitter, from Movie Stars, TV Presenters, to Author and even the President Barack Obama…

Like President Barack Obama have been using twitter in his election campaign to keep his voters or supporters updated of his upcoming plans for United States of America. Stephen Fry and the rest of the rich, popular and famous people are also using twitter to either update their fans or supporters about their latest news or productions or records or etc. Twitter making it easier for this people as they always do not have enough time to post regularly on BLOGs like WordPress. But using mobile devices to update a 140 words of what they are doing now or updates, is a much more simpler way. And thats the way of Micro-Blogging, using Twitter.

President Barack Obama : 1,989,935 followers


“President Barack Obama’s online presence drove his campaign’s early fund-raising and his primary victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton. His campaign’s use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube proved that he was part of the Web 2.0 generation. In the run-up to November’s election, Senator Obama — or one of his staff members — typed more than 250 updates to his Twitter account at”

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This means Web 2.0 is widely used by everyone…

Examples of Famous People’s account,

-Stephen Fry: 713,042 followers


Read his Twitter feed at:

Type of celebrity: Comedian, Actor, TV presenter, Wit

Typical Tweet: “600 people went to the theatre, not to to see Oliver but to compete in a paper & chocolate wrapper rustling competition. Others came to cough”

-Lance Armstrong: 1,739,623 followers


Cyclist, record breaking Tour De France Winner

“Got the Knaggs’ family/kids over here at the house. 6 kids ripping around. It’s madness! Luke and 5 girls. Ha! Have a good weekend everyone!”

-Britney Spears: 2,850,104 followers


“I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! –Britney”

-Rick Sanchez: 106,150 followers


American TV news anchor

“i twitter because i need as a journalist to get what viewers think and say. w/out them i’m just another talking head.they complete me, lol!”

-Shaquille O’Neill: 1,969,850 followers


Basketball player, Actor

“Anotha sleepless nite, n twitter land, aaaaaggggghhhhhhh, whyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Previously I have posted that big companies have twitter too, now is all the famous people following up the Web 2.0 generation to increase their fame, and even helping them to publicize themselves (instead of using magazines). Basically everyone is evolving to adapt to the new generation.

There is a link, which have an article wrote by Mike Harvey, Technology Correspondent.

Regarding the “Twitter to hit the big time with explosion in Microblogging”

“Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging and social media site, is about to change gears.”

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Do you think Twitter is useful or a waste of time?

17 08 2009


I think twitter can be a very useful…

As twitter is a micro-blogging using just 140 words to update your status or simply what u doing now.

Not just twittering on your computers, it can be on your 3G phones, which can update you every moment or subscribe twitter using SMS functions if you don’t have any 3G phones…

Twitter also allows you to upload tons of photos, which you can share it with your friends no matter where you are.

Why everyone is using twitter, and even the big companies?

Is not just updating your own personal status, but companies like Dell and Starbucks, update customers of the company deals and coupon codes:

Dell has created a number of Twitter profiles, each meant for different types of deals (e.g. DellOutlet posts recent refurbished Dell computer offers)

Starbucks posts new offers and also participates in threaded discussions of these offers with their Twitter-followers.

Companies like Ford and Samsung, even use twitter for posting company news

Ford posted the company internal news (the account seems abandoned).

Update: here are some cool Ford Twitter accounts you can check out:

Samsung has created a Twitter account dedicated to mobile phones and posts both the company (US department) and product news there.

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And now with the uprising twitter follower population, it maybe even bigger success than Facebook.

Now having twitter, I can have more creative ideas in advertising and promoting my future café.

“So what you think about twitter ? “

Some do think is a waste of time just like David Letterman…