Rhett & Link, Building Internetainment by Vodcasting

21 10 2009

Some facebook fans have even wrote a song about facebook and post it on youtube…

They are Rhett and Link on the RhettandLink’s Channel on Youtube channel, and is totally free for people to subscribe to. <<To Subscribe Click Here>>

Not just on Youtube, they even have following Web 2.0 tools to keep their fans updated their latest creations,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • iTunes Podcast
  • MySpace
  • They will write on their blog and film a video for vodcasting about how their fans felt about the use of facebook or twitter or any recent famous web 2.0 tools around on web. By using the publicity of using Youtube which have bring their videos to everyone, showing them their passion and effort. Basically they get famous by using Vodcasting.

    They have their very own website too.



    Know More About Twitter with a Funny Video

    21 10 2009

    Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

    This is a video showing some of the people have use Twitter and became a “Twitterholic“…

    Twitterholic means that people twit their every single move, just like the video. Example like, “I Just Got Into Office”, “I am going to Toilet”, etc. And this twits I felt that is a bit too Twitterholic Overdose.

    Twitter is a brand new way micro blogging which we can made it with good use, maybe just like marketing a business or more. Recently Twitter is partnering with Crushpad, a custom winemaking service in San Francisco, to produce the wine; a portion of the proceeds will go to Room to Read, a non-profit supporting reading programs and libraries in Asia and Africa. Reaching out everyone using the twitter.

    <<Click here to read about the marketing using Twitter>>

    Google Wave = “Best Personal Communication & Collaboration Tool” ?

    20 10 2009

    Google Wave is designed as the next generation of Internet Communication.


    Below will be an overview video of Google Wave by Product managers, Stephanie and Greg explain many of the features of Google Wave. And do not be surprise that this amazing Wave is develop back in Google, Sydney, Australia

    I personally felt that I will be amazing if it is exactly like what the video have demonstrated for  Google Wave. Is very interactive, and user friendly. And they have sync it with all their services like Google Talk, Docs, Scholar, Maps and more. 3rd Party apps also can be found on Google wave too, which they can create useful apps for Wave which can help the user to ease their everyday life. They have integrated Web & Enterprise 2.0 methodology into Wave.  Really hope Google Wave will launch to public as soon as possible. And i would really wish to use it for my future projects back in QUT.

    This will be the wiki link which tells you all about Google Wave : <<Click to Read More>>

    Google Wave: A Complete Guide

    Blogs by September 29th, 2009| by Ben Parr

    << Click to

    Do you think that Google Wave = “Best Personal Communication & Collaboration Tool” ? Which is better ?

    Week 6 Checkpoint

    26 08 2009

    This will be the reflection post or a checkpoint of what I have did for last few weeks…

    Practical ability to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding.

    I think I have successfully created a true digital presence for myself. By using the web 2.0 web tools like Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, will help me to get more involved in the unit or creating an awareness of my presence for my future employer or helping myself to understand more about the usefulness of the web 2.0 tools for my future career and the venture of my future cafe.

    Having a blog which is mainly talking and sharing about companies using web 2.0, will help me to improve and enhanced my knowledge and on how they did it.

    Manner and consistency of participation in weekly workshops activities and your contribution.

    Although I am having regular posts on Enterprise 2.0 topics based on workshop activities, but there isn’t much reply or comments or feedbacks by the rest.

    Maybe I didn’t put in enough effort in reading other’s blog post and giving feedback. So in order to keep in track with the future blog posting or checkpoint, I got to get myself more involved and put in more effort than now…

    Ability to appraise Web2.0 strategies and solutions for organizational and personal success.

    My main interest in taking this unit is totally because I wanted to gain more knowledge using web 2.0 and applying it on my cafe. Thru lots of research about the big companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, and more, using web 2.0 making a statement or simply an achievement in digital presence or telling the world what they are doing now which creating tons of awareness.

    Learning for all the big companies ways of reaching out to millions using web 2.0.

    Especially how Coca Cola reaching out to all using all the latest web 2.0 tools.

    There is a video telling us why web 2.0, and briefly telling us how web 2.0 can change our life.

    Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including people outside of QUT) using Web 2.0 tools and techniques.

    I need to reach out to more people and community who uses web 2.0, have a syndicate with their RSS and I can know that’s their recent updates. Gaining the first hand information or news of what’s happening in the Web 2.0 today. Not just within QUT’s network, but with other people and communities like:

    Try understanding how big companies use web 2.0 to change their company’s strategies.

    Reading from their blogs, I can understand more how they do it.

    A blog post by Dion Hinchcliffe sharing with us on “Does every organization need a Web 2.0 strategy?”


    Sometimes I am also using facebook to raise questions and asking what my friends what they think about using blogs, twitter and facebook to have an simple survey on what the rest of the people think and contributing more ideas for my post.

    Leadership via the ability to contribute to the structure and format of the workshop activities, and the smooth running of the online community.

    I am not doing fantastically well on this section.

    This is because I am not too involved in giving comments or feedbacks on other posts.

    That’s why thru reading from the other member’s Week 6 Checkpoint post, now I roughly knows where I stand, and have to figure out solutions in solving it.

    I really appreciate Dr Jason having the online survey, so we can sound out all our problems, which we are facing.

    As for me I think my major problem is that I am still lacking the skills on blogging formal post for school as assignments. I will try my best in absorbing as much knowledge from the rest of the community members, and hoping to have a good score for this unit.

    But I also have comments to add in for this section.

    I think Brendan Read really have made a great effort in posting a post regarding, “Logo for Digital Orgs”.


    This posts has made an attention to quite a number of members’ response or comments, which is great. I think in future we can have more post like this on the Enterprise 2.0 Community, which can get everyone involve.